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teenager testing his boundaries. he said i know i'm not allowed to bite people but i'm going to bite you and see what you can do back to me. so it wasn't a full on i want to kill you obviously because he didn't but it was definitely him saying, i'm the boss here. i'm bigger than you. you are scared of me and i'll show you why. now the second part of the question. >> wow. >> with the female coming in, she knew that that -- >> dave -- >> that wasn't really an attack. >> we're out of time i'm sorry to say. got to turn things over to wolf blitzer. we appreciate your explanation. well done. sorry about the delay. here now "the situation room." rick, thank you. happening now president obama goes after republican john boehner, the man who might, repeat, might be the next speaker of the house of representatives and one of the democrats' election nightmares. how will voters respond to the attack and his new tax proposals with the economy in the tank and control of congress at stake? i'll talk about that with the economic adviser over at the
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white house and a leading critic republican congressman ron paul. also a florida pastor insists on going ahead with his plan to burn copies of the koran on september 11 this saturday. he is responding to charges of new attacks against americans and charges he would have blood on his hands. president obama put on the brass nknuckles in ohio today fr an attack on the man who personifies democrats' worst fears for the fall election. that would be john boehner poised to be the new speaker of the house if republicans win back control of congress. just a short while ago mr. obama offered a stinging assault on republican economic policies from president bush to congressman boehner and he did it in boehner's home state. a few weeks ago the republican
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leader of the house came to cleveland and offered his party's answer to our economic challenges. now, it would be one thing if he had admitted his party's mistakes during the eight years they were in power, if they had gone off for a while and meditated and come back and offered a credible new approach to solving our country's problems. that's not what happened. there were no new policies from mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. >> the president gave voters something more than fiery words. he also argued his case to let the bush tax cuts expire this year for the wealthiest americans, individuals who earn $200,000 a year or more, couples who earn $250,000 a year or more. that's about two or three percent of the country.
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he wants the congress to extend the bush tax breaks for everyone else. the president is also proposing $200 billion in tax cuts for businesses to buy new equipment. those businesses would be able to write off 100% of their new investments through the end of 2011. joining us now from the north lawn of the white house austin goolsby the president's adviser. the president was pretty critical of john boehner in his speech in cleveland. boehner sfas the president is serious about finally focusing on jobs a good start would be taking the advice of his recently departed budget director and freezing all tax rates coupled with cutting federal spending to where it was before all the bailouts, government takeovers, and stimulus spending sprees. he is referring to peter orszag the budget director during the obama administration who wrote a piece in the "new york times" this week for the next two years keep tax rates including for the
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wealthy exactly where they are right now. >> look, i think representative boehner is a little confused about what peter orszag was suggesting and threw in on that second bid let's go back to the final bush budget of 2008 as if that were the gold standard we wanted to return to when in fact that was the final culmination of exactly the policy that got us into this mess. >> to be precise peter orszag was not recommending the second part of what john boehner was saying in that statement, only the first part. here you have boehner and orszag agreeing, keep tax rates where they are for two years. don't increase tax rates during a time of economic crisis on anyone. >> wolf, the orszag piece was a political piece. it wasn't about economics in which orszag said he thought it would be a compromise that if
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you had two years then you could get rid of those, the tax cuts for the highest income americans. john boehner is not for that. this is just an old republican gimmick of take what you can get then and then in two years ask it to be permanent. ask representative boehner does he want to make permanent for $700 billion the bush tax cuts for people making more than a quarter million dollars a year? he does. he has been for it all along and he is just trying to get a nose in under the tent to do that. we cannot afford $700 billion for that purpose. in every objective analyst that has looked at it has emphasized that tax cuts for millionaires have the lowest bang for the buck on any measure we could possibly take and we shouldn't extend those and the president made that clear. >> john boehner doesn't want to raise taxes on anyone right now, rich people, middle class, poor people, anyone.
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i want to be precise. peter orszag says as least for two years keep the tax rates where they are right now. >> no, wolf. he did not say at least for two years. he said do it for two years in order to get them to give them up after two years. i disagree with his political calculation. put it a different way. when the minority leader in the house of representatives is taking political advice from the economists that have left the obama administration, i guess i'm a little confused. >> here is what "the wall street journal" wrote in an editorial this week. i want you to respond. never before has government spent so much and intervened so directly in credit allocation to spur growth yet the results have been mediocre at best. in return for adding nearly $3 trillion in federal debt in two years, we still have $14.9 million unemployed. what happened? that is the question "the wall street journal" asks. what happened? >> well, what happened is we
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went into a recession beginning in december of 2007 that was the worst since 1929. and is a very deep hole that we have been struggling to get out of. after 22 straight months of job loss for the last eight months there has been private sector job creation. what the president has emphasized repeatedly and outlined again today in his remarks in ohio is that the only way that our recovery is sustainable is if we get the private sector to stand up. let us not forget that when the president took these policy it wasn't for fun. it was because the economy and the private sector were in freefall following the policies many of which it sounded like representative boehner wants us to return to. when we were following those policies the economy collapsed and we have been trying to rebuild it. we've come a long way and we're on the right path but we have a
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long way to go. >> i can't tell you how many big business leaders who were big supporters of president obama on wall street and the banking industry, the financial sector, keep asking especially this week following the president's speech in milwaukee and then in cleveland, why does the president keep demonizing wall street? >> well, look, the president outlined today a deliberately pro market, pro private sector in which the government is going to be spending money on tax credits to encourage business to locate their research and development investments here in america and giving them full tax writeoffs of all of their factory or equipment spending for the next year. if you go ask business people they will actually find much to like about this policy and truth be told until the last few weeks most republicans would have been for that policy.
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i am hopeful there is common ground here that we can all agree that all patriotic americans should be for growing jobs, investing in this country in research and development in factories and equipment and that's what the president is trying to enable. just opposing it for the sake of opposing it is not productive. >> the adviser of economics to the president, thanks austin very much. >> great to see you again, wolf. >> we have a very different take on the president's tax and economic policies coming up when i speak to the always outspoken republican congressman ron paul of texas. stand by for that. obviously there are huge economic and political challenges facing the president and his white house team including the chief of staff rahm emanuel. there could be some big changes on capitol hill and in the white house in the new year. let's bring in our senior white house correspondent ed henry. ed, the president was all fired up talking about john boehner today but there seems to be a sense at least among a lot of the pundits and experts out
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there that there could be a big change in the leadership in congress come november. >> absolutely, wolf. i thought it was interesting that i noticed the president today seemed to be reframing this election ever so slightly as a choice between old republican policies, which he has talked about before, but now against slow progress in terms of his policies. that's different from just a few weeks ago when they were talking about recovery summer. they realized the american people may not be buying that and they've got to be, you know, ratchet back expectations. and the reason is i've been on the phone all day with senior democrats outside the white house who are much blunter in private who are saying that they are planning and expecting that the democrats are going to at least lose the control of the house, maybe even the senate. they say in private their best case scenario is holding on to the house and senate with very slim majorities. how that plays into what you mentioned with rahm emanuel who now may run for mayor of chicago and open up the chief of staff job is just like rahm emanuel, very experienced on the hill, the president has used that to push through the stimulus,
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health care, wall street reform. he is again going to need someone maybe with just as much or more congressional experience dealing in the political back rooms because it's going to be a whole new dynamic if republicans take over. they're not going to have those huge democratic majorities they've had to fall back on so let's quickly go through some of the candidates. from my reporting the two front runners to replace rahm emanuel if in fact he steps aside, tom donnellin a deputy national security adviser inside the white house and the chief of staff to vice president joe biden. they both served in the clinton administration. both have experience on capitol hill. some people, private top democrats think maybe donelin has an edge because of his national security experience dealing with crises whereas ron klain is talked up by a lot of democrats, a lot of experience on the hill. dark horse to watch is currently the president's liaison to capitol hill phil schiliro and he served so long on the hill before he was in the white house with henry waxman who used to do
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battle in the clinton administration with all of the republican investigations and what i'm told is that inside the white house they're preparing for the possibility that if republicans take over they'll need a top aide somewhere inside the white house dealing with darrell issa and some of the republicans who will have subpoena power. the other names to watch valerie jarrett very close not just to the president but close as well to first lady michelle obama. we should not under estimate her influence with her husband in potentially saying whether valerie jarrett could be chief of staff. finally other interesting names you know well surfacing now when you talk to senior democrats, john podesta, leon panetta, former clinton white house chief of staff. again, significance is they served after the '94 republican revolution and dealt with republicans on the hill and helped bill clinton sort of rebuild his presidency there at the end of the first term into the beginning of the second term. so their names are now surfacing that if donelin and klain don't get it they may be drafted to come back. a lot of interesting names in the mix because inside the white house they're preparing for
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potentially a whole new dynamic after this election. >> some impressive bench strength over at the white house if rahm emanuel decides to run for mayor of chicago and everybody assumes he will. ed, thanks very much. rahm emanuel is not the only chicago democrat by the way who is being touted as a possible candidate for mayor. several dozen prospects are being floated. a lot of names that sort of a who's who of chicago politics. among the more famous, congressman jesse jackson jr. and get this his wife sandy jackson, her name also being mentioned. congressman luis gutierrez and congressman bobby rush although rush seems to be dismissing the idea. another big name by the way in the rumor mill richard daley's brother william daley who was the former clinton administration commerce secretary. we'll watch chicago politics and see what happens there. just in, here in "the situation room" some eye-popping new numbers on the very high profile u.s. senate races out there. cnn and "time" magazine are teaming up this election season
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in polling voters in key states each week. and we're releasing our first cnn/time magazine opinion research corporation polling numbers right now. first, in california, democratic senator barbara boxer has a surprisingly slim lead, just four points over her republican opponent carly fiorina, the former hewlett-packard chief. in the florida senate race, republican and tea party favorite marco rubio is just a couple points ahead of the independent candidate the current governor charlie crist. the democratic candidate congressman kendrick meek trails crist by ten points. look at this. in kentucky, another darling of the tea party, republican rand paul, neck and neck with his democratic opponent right now jack conway, the state attorney general. these are fascinating numbers in these races. we'll talk about them at length coming up in the next couple hours here in the situation room. we'll get more information for you as well.
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the secretary of state hillary clinton is taking a stand against the pastor who plans to burn copies of the koran on september 11, this saturday. is it time for president obama to get directly involved? and john mccain's daughter, megan, reveals the surprising reaction she had when her dad chose sarah palin as his running mate. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." i want to give my 5 employees health insurance,
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jack cafferty is here with the cafferty file. >> president obama making it perfectly clear today he wants the bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire. by his definition wealthy translates to couples making more than $250,000 a year, individuals making more than $200,000. speaking in cleveland earlier the president said the country cannot afford the $700 billion price tag associated with these tax cuts over the next ten years. he says the tax rates for the wealthy should go back to what they were under president clinton. however, mr. obama does want the tax cuts to be made permanent for middle class americans or those making less than the $250,000. of course given the shaky economy and the president's sagging poll numbers it is far from clear that he is going to get any of this that he wants. critics suggest letting the bush tax cuts expire even only for
5:19 pm
the wealthy could be a blow to our very fragile economy. some republicans want a permanent extension of all the bush tax cuts. republican house minority leader john boehner was out today ahead of the president's speech, calling for a two-year freeze on all tax rates. what do most americans think about this? a recent cnn research corporation poll shows 51% of those surveyed say the tablx cu should be continued only for families making less than $250,000. 31% say they should be continued for all of us and 18% say they should expire for all of us. in our weakened economy is it a mistake to raise taxes on the so-called wealthy? go to file and post a comment on my blog. those numbers are very arbitrary, wolf, depending where you live in this country, $200,000 if you live in manhattan ain't all that much money. a couple hundred thousand dollars in fargo would probably
5:20 pm
buy you half the town. >> you're right. there is a huge discrepancy out there. all right, jack. thanks very much. secretary of state hillary clinton is slamming a florida pastor who plans to burn copies of the koran on the september 11 anniversary this saturday speaking at the council on foreign relations secretary clinton expressed outrage over the exposure this pastor is getting. >> we are a country of what 310 million plus right now? and it's regrettable a pastor in gainseville, florida with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distressful, disgraceful plan and get, you know, the world's attention but that is the world we live in right now. >> let's talk about this and more with our senior political analyst david gergen, secretary of state is speaking out. general petraeus is speaking out. they are deeply worried about
5:21 pm
the ramifications. should the president of the united states speak out about this? >> hard call but i don't think so, wolf. among other things he has had his secretaries, secretary of defense, state secretary, general petraeus, his press secretary has spoken on his behalf. for him to make a televised statement is only going to bring more attention to this. i think hillary clinton is exactly right. for one pastor with a church of 50 people to get all this attention when he looks like he is a little crazy and very intolerant, you know, an off-the-wall kind of guy, i don't know. i don't think he deserves this kind of attention. >> you can imagine what will be the reaction if on saturday he has 200 copies of the koran and does a bonfire and there's video and it goes out on the web and tv. there will be a fiercely angry reaction in the muslim world not just by rad calls but by a lot of muslims even though this is just a tiny little church as hillary clinton says. >> i agree but we in the american media ought to keep it in perspective.
5:22 pm
when people deal with wild cards, all of us get crazy things in the mail. people write with crayons. i don't think we ought to get all that excited about it. it is going to be picked up by al jazeera and others no question about it but you know people burn the american flag a lot overseas. they spit on the american flag. they do other things and they sort of go on. we should treat this as a real outlier event. it is extremely intolerant. it should be condemned but i just don't, i really would urge the president not to go on and make a television statement. if he wants to issue a written statement of some sort, that's fine. if that helps tamp it down. i would not go on television. >> a sensitive issue. >> very sensitive. >> thank you. >> eight people missing in the wake of a raging colorado wild fire. we'll have the latest on the desperate efforts to stifle the blaze. plus the imam behind the controversial proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero. he is now speaking out.
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kate bolduan is monitoring the other top stories in the situation room right now. >> unfortunately in colorado they're still dealing with tough conditions, more than 100 buildings and homes have been damaged or destroyed by a wildfire raging near boulder, colorado. authorities now say four people are missing. they do say though that the fire is shrinking spanning a little more than 6,000 acres down from 7100 acres. the governor declared a state of emergency yesterday. no injuries have been reported yet. the imam behind the controversial proposed mosque and islamic center near ground zero is speaking out. faisel abdul rauf writes in the
5:26 pm
"new york times" that he has been, quote, awed by how inflamed and emotional the issue has become. cnn's soledad o'brien will have an exclusive interview with him tonight on "larry king live" at 9:00 p.m. eastern. cnn is welcoming a new member to the family pierce morgan to take over larry king's primetime hour. starting in january the british tv personality will host the 9:00 p.m. eastern hour with what's being called a candid, in depth, news maker interview program. morgan is best known in the u.s. as a judge on the television show "america's got talent" and recently hosted the uk program. here is morgan's life stories. welcome to the family. >> we welcome him and wish him success. >> exactly. >> 9:00 p.m. eastern his new show starts in january. we'll be watching. thanks very much for that. republican ron paul is no fan of the president's economic policies but does he like anything at all that the president had to say about taxes and economic growth? congressman ron paul is standing by. and rain flood iing and
5:27 pm
rescues in texas. the scary aftermath of a powerful storm. ♪ [ male announcer ] your first day. you try to lie low, get the lay of the land. but then calls your interior lexus quiet. and automobile magazine goes comparing you to a cadillac. ♪ so much for the new kid fitting in with the rest of the class. the all new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000. get used to more. ♪
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president obama is taking another shot today at connecting with voters who are scraping by in this bad economy and who might just vote his party out of power in congress 55 days from now. we heard the president once again blast the house minority leader john boehner during his remarks today in ohio. and they accused republicans of holding middle class tax cuts hostage by insisting bush era tax breaks be extended for wealthier americans. joining us now is a republican who comes to this debate with his always unique and outspoken point of view, congressman ron paul of texas. congressman, thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. >> when it comes to the president's economic policies, his tax policies, is there anything in there you like? >> well, i understand there will be some tax credits. that means lower taxes for business people and encourage
5:31 pm
investment though they are short term. anything that will cut taxes i am for. the fact that he'll be raising spending, but also because he hasn't, he doesn't plan to raise taxes on the lower income people under $200,000 or $250,000. i think that's good. it would be horrible if he did raise the taxes the first year on all of those so i have to say that is a little bit of relief to know that those taxes won't go up. >> because you're a deficit hawk. you hate this huge national debt, the annual budget deficits. the white house says if you reduce the -- if you eliminate the tax breaks for wealthy americans, those families making more than 250,000 a year, 3%, 2% or 3% of all americans out there, you're going to save $700 billion over the next ten years, $700 billion. that would be good to have that reduction in the national debt wouldn't it? >> well, it would be, but a
5:32 pm
horrible way of doing it. that means taxes are going up $700 billion. you know, i could think of a much better thing to do and that would be to read that article this morning by stiglitz. he said he made an error when he said the iraq war would cost 3 trillion. he says it's going to be much higher than $3 trillion. why don't we stay out of these wars and save this money? that's what we need to do. we need to cut spending. we don't have to tax people. we could solve this problem. but nobody wants to give an inch on these overseas expenditures. the republicans don't want to cut overseas expenditures in the war. neither does obama. so, but the american people, the ones i talk to at least, are all for it. that's where it should go. we should cut spending overseas. >> we had you on recently with congressman barney frank and you guys have some ideas to save hundreds of billions of dollars in defense related spending. we discussed that. the president also went after some republicans for wanting to privatize social security. listen to what he said.
5:33 pm
>> as long as i'm president no one is going to take the retirement savings of a generation of americans and hand it over to wall street. not on my watch. >> do you agree with the president on that? >> well, i have to know what he is thinking about on privatizing, what others think about privatizing. >> he wants to keep it the way it is now. >> yeah but i want to know what privatize means. if we could turn this money over and give the individual money like an investment retirement fund that they manage that is a little bit different but i think most people what they think about privatizing and i'm not for this type of privatizing, that's when the government manages accounts and gets involved in the stock market. if that's what he is thinking about i don't want any part of that but i want to privatize retirement funds and put the responsibility on the individual. that to me is a lot different type of privatization. but for government bureaucrats to get involved in the stock
5:34 pm
market, i don't like that. besides, if you truly have privatization you can make your own choices but it's when -- the way we have it now you only can buy government debt. that's really not a very good investment. i think these are academic arguments because, you know, talking about five or ten years from now, we're facing up such a serious crisis with our dollar and our financial situation. the next two or three years, this is going to be resolved because we'll have a financial crisis based on a dollar devaluation and that, to me, is going to change all of the rules in the game and talking about tax codes for a year or two won't have a lot of meaning. >> i am curious to your reaction to this pastor in florida who wants to burn copies of the koran on saturday. >> i paut littut a little state about that because everybody is talking about it. it is a shame he is getting this much attention and petraeus made
5:35 pm
a statement i agree with. he said this could endanger our troops and i agree with that. but i also went on to add the point as much danger as burning the koran might be, what about our invasion, our bombing, collateral damage, arrests, and secret prisons and pictures of torture, drone attacks, do you think that isn't, you know, an incitement to violence overseas? i mean, they already have so much. yes, we should recognize that this is not good for us. it is a a bad image. of course nobody is challenging his right to do this thing. i mean, we are even allowed to burn flags in this country so that isn't the issue as much for me it was the issue of saying, what kind of a reaction would this be? and i say our foreign policy has a much, much more negative reaction than burning the koran would. >> very quickly, because we got this new cnn/"time" magazine poll in on the race for senate
5:36 pm
in kentucky. your son rand paul is running right now, we have it as a dead heat against registered voters rand paul 46% and jack conway the attorney general 46%. are you surprised by this poll how close it is? >> no i think that's pure fiction. that's the biggest surprise of my life. if that happened it happened within the last 12 hours. i think we better check that one out. but, no. the race will be hard fought and hard won and he'll run as if it's tied. but those aren't quite the accurate statistics that i've been hearing about. >> yeah, i've heard other polls that had your son way ahead. but this is among registered voters, cnn/"time" opinion research corporation poll. we'll stay on top of this race and all the other races. always good to have you in the situation room, congressman. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. there is much more to explore by the way in our new cnn/"time" magazine polling. stand by. gloria borger has the new numbers on the florida senate race and whether the tea party
5:37 pm
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to read and consider carefully before investing. we unveiled really interesting poll number is a little while ago here in the situation room on some critical u.s. senate races. let's talk a little more about them with our senior political analyst gloria borger with the cnn election express in covington, kentucky right now. speaking about covington, kentucky we just heard congressman ron paul say he was shocked by these numbers involving his son rand paul, a 46-46 tie in this new poll among registered voters against jack conway. i was surprised when i saw how close the race is right now as well. >> yeah. i was too. what tells us is general elections aren't the same as primaries, particularly at this point in time. you know, rand paul had a
5:41 pm
bruising primary. that may have hurt him. but the conservative republican base came out to support him. now he is said to take a turn and talk to the general electorate. and after he was nominated, he made a couple bloopers. you'll remember that talking about how perhaps he didn't support the civil rights act of 1964, that it shouldn't apply to private businesses, talk about so-called privatizing social security, etcetera. and those independent voters who are the swing vote ners that state started giving him a second look so this, you know, raises the question about whether these candidates who succeeded in their republican primaries, are going to be able to do well in a general election. if you look at the internal poll numbers here, his opponent, the attorney general, jack conway, is beating rand paul with one very important group of voters that always turns out to vote and that is senior citizens. so he's got to be careful about that.
5:42 pm
>> and in two other races, state races, it is very close. we'll put the numbers up. in florida marco rubio, 36. charlie crist the independent 34. kendrick meek the democratic candidate 24%. and in california, talking about both of these, very close between barbara boxer and carly fiorina, 48% for boxer, 44% for carly fiorina. it looks like a lot of these races are going to be tight. >> they are going to be tight. what you see running through all of these races is a strong antiwashington, antiincumbent sentiment. charlie crist, it's kind of interesting, wolf, i remember when he decided not to run as a republican and switched as an independent every republican i spoke to about it said, forget it. it's done. it's over. he didn't want to challenge marco rubio you'll recall because he knew he was going to lose. now they're in a very tight race and the person trailing behind in the state of florida, always a very important swing state, is the incumbent congressman
5:43 pm
kendrick meek. despite the fact that somebody who is very popular in florida, bill clinton, has been to the state a number of times to support congressman meek. so again, it's this antiwashington fervor we see, barbara boxer in california has always won re-election by double digit margins. suddenly, she is in the race of her life, only ahead by four points, when the democrat is only ahead by four points in california, something is going on, wolf. >> sampling error 3.5%. thanks very much for that. the daughter of the former presidential candidate john mccain now saying she was, quote, panicked by her father's choice of sarah palin as his running mate. plus the fbi calls it the largest case of modern day slavery it's ever seen. gecko: gd news sir, i jugot ae
5:44 pm
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let's go back to kate bolduan monitoring some of the other top stories in the situation room right now. what do you have? >> we were talking about fires in colorado and now, unfortunately, in michigan. the mayor of detroit is calling 85 fires that erupted in the span of just four hours a, quote, natural disaster. he's also defending the fire department against what some have called a slow response to
5:47 pm
the fire as many of the fires which broke out last night were fueled by high winds and downed power lines. and to texas, what was once tropical storm hermine is soaking parts of the state. the storm, which has been downgraded to a tropical depression, is flooding the area with heavy rains prompting some rescues. meanwhile, forecasters are now monitoring tropical storm igor which is threatening the cape verde islands. keeps coming and coming. and the daughter of former presidential candidate john mccain says she was, quote, panicked by her father's choice of sarah palin to be his running mate. megan mccain reveals the surprising feelings about the 2008 campaign in an interview with jay leno. >> i found out an hour before i went onstage with her. i think they were scared i would say something or whatever and, you know, like the rest of the country i had no idea who she was. i was actually like crying on the bus on the way to the rally. i found out who she was and i remember being on stage and
5:48 pm
distinctly remember thinking god let her not have any skeletons in the closet please god. >> very candid comments. we should also note she is currently promoting her new book. >> doing a good job of promoting it as well. >> she is. you could say the house minority leader john boehner is tanned, rested, and ready to become speaker of the house. could president obama's stinging attacks actually help boehner? what does it take to provoke a 400-pound lion to turn on his trainer? ring ring. progresso. why does it say box tops for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. yes it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do.
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5:51 pm
let's get to the strategy session and joining us now are our cnn political contributor from the previous bush administration, and also paul begala. >> if i say the sky is blue, they say no. >> i have had to say no far more than i have said yes. >> why i voted against all of the bailouts. >> why i voted against the $3 trillion budget. >> you saw i voted against health care. >> and voted against nancy pelosi's -- >> those are all democrats commercials and democrats distancing themselves from the president and the democratic leadership and cute republican ad? >> very cute and smart ad, and
5:52 pm
good for the republicans. i'm serious. it points out the -- i don't want to be sounding mean, but lunacy of running away from barack obama. if you are in his party, you have him, and this politics of differentiation never works. republicans tried to run away from george w. bush in 2006 and it never worked and democrats can try to run away from barack obama, but i don't want to advise them, but i guess i am, distance yourself from lloyd blankfein from sachs. >> they are fighting for their lives now and many of the districts went for john mccain in 2008 as opposed to president obama. >> and paul is choosing to go down with the ship, and they will have lovely funerals and ep at thes f s f after thes for the -- epitaphs
5:53 pm
for the loyalty. when they lean to districts, they will have to look for the expedience, and one thing about running against lloyd blankfein is hard to do when this administration was not hard on the wall street companies and not a mortgage cram and a lot of things expected did not happen. wall street and this administration are close really. >> paul, you have studied this for a long time, and i'm curious, more democrats who are fearing they are going to lose are abandoning the president and the democratic leadership than republicans in their time would do as far as bush and the republican leadership? i don't remember a whole lot of republicans running away from bush and the republican leadership? >> well, in 2006 and i was helping some campaigns and all of the democrats had to do was to say, bush, bush, bush. >> were some running away? >> yes. >> and like the democrats now? >> yes. in '82, they were running away from reagan and it didn't work. it never works and you look like a coward.
5:54 pm
>> well, in 2006, it was a powerful money-raising engine and you could not run away from the president or he would not come to your district and raise the money that you needed. and george bush worked very hard to. and the fact is that he didn't want any lonely victories, but if barack obama survives, he is going to be lonely. >> look at this ad from john boehner, and the man that the president attacked monday and in cleveland, and it is 22% favorable and 23% unfavorable and 55% unsure because they don't know much about john boehner, but they will if the president keeps going after him. >> this is brilliant, and why not say he is a evil doer or bad person or something, but put a face on the opposition. when fdr was president and as great speechwriters they came up with martin and barton and fish were. but they were three republicans who opposed the new deal and allowed fdr, to put a face on
5:55 pm
the opposition, and by the way, he attacked boehner in bay for the's home state of ohio. do they want john bay flor oehn the speaker? only 23% said yes, and he is right to put a human face on the opposition. >> what percent? >> 28% said yes, and that is low. >> well, even in his home state, they don't know who he is. so if nay donthey don't know wh in his home state, and the agitation, a lot of the newspaper is writing that mr. x is dead and people didn't even know that mr. x was alive. with the economy and the home foreclosures as bad as nay r and you are saying, that america, your biggest problem is this man you have never heard of. >> and people will be hearing more of john boehner in the weeks to come. >> let's raise the visibility as high as the tan. >> and the website there.
5:56 pm
>> that is a boehner tie there. >> yes. >> jack cafferty is coming up next. a former pastor says whether or not he will accept blame if his plan to burn the koran backfires. the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,600.
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5:58 pm
jack is joining was the cafferty file. jack? >> the question this hour n the weakened economy is it a mistake to raise taxes on the so-called wealthy. terry in north dakota, i didn't know that 9.6 million people fit
5:59 pm
into that category. i'm one of them. my wife does not work and we have six kids and i run two businesses. i'm not laid off any of the staff and in fact, i have hired a couple more and given out raises in the last two years. so do you want to penalize me because i have this income? i don't live high on the hog and my house is 25 years old and i don't own any toys, but i still have to look after myself and my bills and freeze it for two years and see what happens. joe in virginia writes, like it or not the wealthy create jobs and reduce their buying an investing power and the economy will suffer. it is popular to talk about soaking the fat cats, but the reality is that $250,000 a year while nice is not rich. wait a while, and let the economy improve and then balance up the tax situation. vick writes from new jersey, i work on wall street and i live in new jersey. i can tell you all about the salary exscesses of those
6:00 pm
executives. out in new jersey are former farms taken up by mansions of those guys and streets laden with porches and ferraris and the more pedestrian bmws and do i think they need a tax break? hell no. earl says now is not the time to increase taxes on anyone but i do believe it is time to stop the runaway spending. and julie says, i don't think of it as raising taxes on the wealthy, but readjusting to make it fair. and it seems like this is a good which to do it. larry writes, it is a bad idea to raise taxes on anyone with an economy as weak as this. it is only a ploy to appease and purchase votes. lisa says it would be a mistake to raise taxes on the wealthy, because they are the only ones with anything left. if you want to read more on the blog go to and it is a placeall of
6:01 pm
the elite meet to read e-mails. >> yes. and a pastor vowing to move forward with the incendiary protest. he says that the congregation will burn copies of the koran and despite sharp criticism from the secretary of state hillary clinton and now from sarah palin as well. and now stunning polls from a some of the hottest races in the country. slim margins and dead heats. with egoinside of the numbers this hour. and terrifying lion attack caught on tape inside of a las vegas hotel. we find out from experts what may have triggered the animal to turn on the trainer. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolfblitzer and you are in i'm wolfblitzer and you are in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- it is the strongest criticism yet from the obama administration of a florida
6:02 pm
pastor who plans to burn copies of the koran this saturday on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. commander general david petraeus says it would inflame tensions and endanger the lives of u.s. troops. today, secretary clinton was asked about it in a policy speech, and she blasted the idea. >> we are a country of what 310 million-plus right now. i mean, it is regrettable that a pastor in gainesville, florida with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous, and just distressful, disgraceful plan, and get, you know, the world's attention, but it is the world we live in right now. >> sarah palin is weighing in as well, and posting this message on the facebook page a short time ago. quoting, i hope that pastor terry jones and the supporters consider the ramifications of
6:03 pm
the planned book burning event. lit feed the fire of caustic rhetoric and appears nothing more than mean spirited religious intolerance. don't feed that fire. >> and joining us now iszakaria fareed zakaria gps on sunday mornings. so why, fareed, is it that one pastor of a small congregation in florida can threaten to start burning a couple hundred copies of the koran and it can create a huge uproar endangering lives of u.s. military personnel? >> i think there are two things going on here, wolf. the first is that the koran is seen by muslims as the holy book, the word of god. it is seen as the unaltered word of god and it has a special significance beyond even something like the bible. there is a sense in which it is seen as the literal word of god.
6:04 pm
but more importantly, and this is why it is distressing and it is dismaying and frankly, it is very unfortunate situation, there are people in the muslim world, imams, political leaders and particularly political and community leaders who use these kinds of opportunities to try to spread islamic extremism, to try to galvanize people and to try to scare people, and motivate them and tell them that the west is against them, the west wants the kill them, and the west wants the impose, you know, their christianity on them, and they use these kinds of opportunities to try and rally people to their cause. so, it is an unfortunate reality in islam that you can find these kinds of people. i will point out that indonesia is the largest country in the world and the extremists and the fundamentalists do badly in election after election there and nobody votes for them and nobody follows the people on
6:05 pm
anything important. the jihadi movement is doing badly, but on a few hot button issues like this, you can gather a crowd of few thousands and make it sound threatening. >> it is smart for top military commanders like general petraeus and secretary of state hillary clinton to speak out about this, and doesn't it give more attention than it deserves? >> it is a tough calculation, but general petraeus was speaking from a lot of experience, and from the heart when he said, look, we are engaged around the world with the muslim community, and in fighting against a radical islam, and the case that we make to muslim community everywhere in the world is that the united states is not the enemy of islam, and we do not wish muslims ill, and then to have something like this happen in a high profile way in the united states is damaging. the reports about what the controversy around the ground zero islamic center have been
6:06 pm
damaging to america's public image, and the prestige. i have read in newspapers in indonesia where liberal newspapers are saying that americans claim that they are the center of freedom of religion and freedom of expression and tolerance, but look at what they are doing in new york city, itself. so i understand why petraeus and hillary clinton feel the need to do it, but unfortunately when you get into one of the dynamics, it is probably going to get elevated anyway. i don't think that they are not speaking would have toned this down. it is the pastor who is threatening to burn the korans afterall who is attempting the publicity-seeking stunt, and it is working. it got him a lot of publicity all over the world unfortunately. >> fareed, you wrote a provocative article the other day saying that the united states overreacted to the al qaeda attack on 9/11, and it has genera generated a lot of buzz out, there and explain what you mean by that. >> i am fascinated that it is generating as much buzz as it
6:07 pm
has, wolf. because i have made this case consistently since about 2004 and i actually used the word overreactive massively and i used the phrase in a 2008 newsweek cover story and tells you something about the country politically. but we needed to go after these people and we needed to attack them and chase them down and track the money, but in the course of doing that, we have crippled al qaeda. and in crippling them, we have renlderred it a far weaker force than in 2001 and we need to take stock of that and recognize that the massive expansion of the national security state, we spend tens and tens of billions of dollars every year now on all kinds of homeland security procedures. there are now 17 million square feet of office space which is 22 u.s. capitals devoted to intelligence gathering that some of this is probably an overreaction and overkill, and it is part of the grand and
6:08 pm
growing military industrial complex. this is the moment for us nine years after 9/11, to take stock of how tall the enemy actually is. otherwise, we will find ourselves in the same situation with saddam hussein where we thought he had nuclear weapons and on the verge of the conquest of the middle east and turned out to be entirely false. we will find ourselves with the soviet unions where in the '80s we thought the soviets would take over the world and they were on the verge of collapse. so it is important to fight the enemy, but it is important to diagnose how strong the enemy is and not the overreact. >> fareed will have a lot more on this sunday morning and fareed zakaria airs at 10:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. >> thank you, wolf. all right. bring in john zarrella from gainesville, florida, where the koran burning is to take place. john, the pastor is under
6:09 pm
tremendous pressure not to do it, and what is going to happen? >> well, this morning, people gathered in gainesville to pray for unity and tolerance, but at the dove outreach center, this pastor is standing his ground. >> reporter: the pastor of a ti tiny gainesville church plans to carry out the plan to burn the koran, the holy book of the islam. and pastor terry brown says that he has nothing to change his mind. at this time, we have no intention of canceling. >> reporter: jones refused to take questions, but when we caught up with him, he said he is praying for guidance and he understands the concern of u.s. generals that his action would further endanger the safety of u.s. troops. jones says if that happened, it would not be his fault.
6:10 pm
>> reporter: and you don't belief that blood would be on your hands if u.s. troops happened to be, be injured or worse? >> actually, we would of course be very moved and very sad by that. we would not feel responsible. >> reporter: jones says that radical muslims are to blame and not him, and they are the ones he says that he is targeting. >> our message is clearly to the radical element that they should back down, they should stop, and we are not going to be controlled by fears and threats. >> reporter: but everyone we talked with in gainesville says it is jones who is the radical. >> we stand together as a community to demonstrate that one small group of people bent on promoting hatred and misunderstanding does not represent the people of gainesville or the people of this nation. >> reporter: more than 300 people turned out for a noon interfaith prayer service at a
6:11 pm
episcopal church in downtown gainesville and theirs was a message of love and tolerance. >> i am here because when there is an opportunity to stand for love instead of hate, and peace instead of discord, i want to be here. >> reporter: all of this uproar over jones and his plan may, many people here say, provide an opportunity for better understanding of the muslim faith. >> the shame in it is that the pastor is burning a book he has not read, so that the natural inclination is for somebody to, you know, be aroused by curiosity wise and say, what is in this book? >> reporter: jones has collected 200 korans he intends to burn, and he says he has not read one of them. now, jones does not have a permit to burn the books on saturday night, but he says hi will go ahead with it anyway. i asked the mayor of gainesville this afternoon, what if anything do you plan to do to stop him. wolf, the mayor would not tip his hand.
6:12 pm
wolf? >> i assume, john, the media coming into gainesville not only the country but the world to see what happens, is that right? >> yeah, no question about it, wolf. when we got here yesterday afternoon, there were two or three trucks here, and satellite truck, and microwave vans, and we showed up today, and this parking lot where this grassy area where he intends to do the burning on saturday night was literally packed with satellite trucks and news crews from everywhere. >> well, john zarrella is on top of the story for us. for more, watch "larry king live" tonight, less than three hours from now, because soledad o'brien has an exclusive interview with imam feisal abdul rauf who has the plans to build the controversial community center in ground zero. it is a larry king live exclusive tonight at 9:00 p.m.
6:13 pm
eastern and only here on cnn. jack cafferty is coming up next with the cafferty file. and bp's new report on the gulf oil disaster is drawing stinging criticism from multiple sides. and modern day slavery in the united states of america. one former captive talks about the biggest human trafficking in u.s. history. and surprising poll numbers on the senate race in kentucky which pits a tea party favorite against the establishment democrat. has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,600.
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jack cafferty is here with the cafferty file. jack? >> wolf, the french are not happy and that is not breaking news, but the french are not happy with the government's plan to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. more than a million people in 220 french cities took to the streets yesterday protesting. strikers disrupted trains, planes, hospitals, mail delivery, and you name it. and yet, french president nicolas sarkozy is vowing to push ahead with the overhaul of france's pension system, because you see france and the other european countries have come to the realization if they don't do something about the troubled fiscal situations now, well, they risk winding up in the same boat as greece. don't tell that to the french union workers who are, to say the least, a bit dramatic about all of this, and the idea of working until 62, and one sign
6:17 pm
in paris showed a raised middle finger with the following message, greetings from people who will die on the job. that is not funny b but i think it is. the french government is telling them it is worst and other european countries are wanting to raise their retirement ages to 67 or 68, and here in the united states, our age is gradually going up to 67. so meanwhile, while the french complain to work into the 62, many americans are working into the 90s and 100s. there are studies that say it can alleviate physical health, and provide extra stability to the families. aarp says that by 2012 almost one fifth of the workforce in the country will be older than 55, and baby boomers will likely keep working well beyond the traditional retirement age of 65. so, that's the question. what's the right age to retire? go to, and post a comment on my blog.
6:18 pm
what is your answer to that question, wolf? what is the age? >> whenever you are ready and can afford the do it. some of us want to work as long as we possibly can. >> well, i understand. we have people in the country 100 years old still going to the job everyday. >> god bless them. love those people. >> well, whatever floats your boat. >> thank you, jack. the race for kentucky's senate seat is dead even. look at the "time" magazine/research corporation poll. it shows that the republican nominee, the tea party favorite rand paul has an equal number with the democratic nominee john conway who is the kentucky attorney general. our national correspondent jessica yellin is with the cnn election express in kentucky watching this. you have been speaking to the tea party activists over there, and i assume they were surprised by the poll numbers just as rand paul's father, ron paul was when i interviewed him. >> well, wolf, they are
6:19 pm
confident despite the poll numbers that whatever the mainstream media says that rand paul will win the senate race here in kentucky. not only certain of that, but the tea party activists plan to hold him accountable, and their message is when he gets to the senate, and in their view, he will, but he should not vote yes on any bill that includes any new spending in any case. and i asked, how does this lead to bipartisanship, and what happenings if there is a natural catastrophe like katrina, and here is what they said. >> do you keep track of what you spend in your personal life? >> i try to. >> so, do i, and i call it a savings. do you think that the federal government has thought about it? what if there is a natural disaster and why is something not set aside for it? isn't that what our government should do? >> no exceptions, nothing, wolf, and they are glad that the
6:20 pm
republican party is the so-called party of no, their words, because they don't want anybody signing on to any bills that include spending. you can see that if rand paul and people of this belief system get into the senate, it is a different dynamic in that small tea party caucus, wolf. >> the last three days in pennsylvania and ohio and now kentucky and you are speaking with tea party activists and others and is it your sense anecdotally that this is a movement that has legs? >> absolutely. they are certain that they are going to last. i put that question to the folks again today and i will let them speak to it. >> one message we want to send is if you don't support us, we are not going the support you in future elections, and like you have asked us, we are not going away. we will be there. >> the tea party is now in the infancy and wait until we grow
6:21 pm
teeth. >> wait until we grow teeth, wolf. they are looking beyond the rand paul race and future congressional races, and they see themselves as a growing political movement in the u.s., wolf. >> we have more eye-popping numbers in the poll in high profile senate races. we will release more of the numbers from the cnn/"time" magazin magazine/opinion poll. more news coming up in the sfrmt which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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6:24 pm
kate bolduan has other important news about our own company that we want to share with all of you. tell our viewers what is going on? >> i am a fan of self-promotion and the company at large. beginning in january, british tv host piers morgan will take over "larry king live" slot. it is being billed as a candid in depth interview maker. he knows he has big shoes to fill. >> it is like the guy saying that you are following frank sinatra at the sands in vegas and the first reaction is what? how can you fill a legend like
6:25 pm
that? and what an honor to fill the shoes of larry king. >> and larry announced he would step aside from a show he began hosting 25 years ago. >> we wish larry the best, because he will be also be hosting some specials for cnn, but welcome to piers morgan. welcome to piers and larry is not going away. >> no, no. bp is spreading the blame for the gulf oil disaster with the company's partners. finger pointing is beginning. that is coming up. 50 milpromise. it's a yea schemaintee and /7 roaide assiance. beusen y ce the st bif, faaronar
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there is some of the hottest senate races, and there are new eye-popping polls out on the races this hour. we will get some insight from rick stengel the managing editor of our sister publication "time" magazine and cnn's john king who is the host of "john king usa" and he is on board the cnn election express in covington, kentucky. rick, let's start with you. taug at the race in florida, because it is shapingp between marco rubio, the tea party favorite, and the republican nominee charlie crist, and the independent, and now the governor and 36% and 34% and well within the margin of error, and kendrick meek the democrat 24%, and this is a competitive race? >> absolutely. a lot of people thought that charlie crist was making a terrible mistake by running as an independent, but what we are seeing is that he is getting 15% of the democratic vote, and kendrick meek, even though bill clinton has been down there is not resonating with the
6:29 pm
democratic voters and he is doing well among the independents. it is a funny kaleidoscope we are seeing, because he is benefiting from being an incumbent, and voter from both sides and voters seem to like it. it is working for him. >> and in kentucky where you are, john, rand paul 46%, and the attorney general nominee 46%, and ron paul the texas congressman, the father of rand paul said he was shocked by these numbers. he thought that his son was doing much better. i was pretty surprised as well. >> well, i think that a lot of people in kentucky will be surprised, wolf. because this race is number one test, and exhibit a whether the tea party nominees show the energy in the primary and then hurt the party in the general election. i talked to mitch mcconnell to senior senator from kentucky and of course, he has stakes. he beliefs that rand paul can
6:30 pm
pull it out in the end, but he made clear that he believes it is a competitive race. rand paul went up today with a health care ad, and his opponent refused to join the lawsuit against the obama health care plan, and that is one of the key points he plans to use in the end. but a key factor is the older voters. in the country, rand paul is splitting evenly the voters over 50, and if that continues, he is still in contention. >> and barbara boxer, who has been around a long time is facing a stiff challenge from carly fiorina, and in the new poll 3.5% margin of error, this is a battle in california. >> yes, absolutely. senator boxer being a three-term incumbent is hurt by the incumbent anti-fever. this incoumbency problems that she is being blamed for.
6:31 pm
she is being blamed for the economy and in the sense in california that obama is not handling the economy well, they will take it out on senator boxer shooch boxer. she is going to be blamed for the same reason he is. >> we will have the same poll from now to november 2nd and john king will have more on "john king usa" at the top of the hour. thank you all. and bp is out with a 200-page report which details the causes of the explosion and the causes of t s of thof the ce deepwater horizon rig. we have the details, but who are they blaming in the document, ed? >> well, it is something that we have heard before from bp. they are not only pointing the finger slightly at themselves, but transocean and halliburton, and again, it is firing up bp's critics who say that the company is playing the blame game.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: remember when a top bp executive said this -- >> let me be really clear, liability, blame, fault, put it over here. we are dealing with, and we are the responsible party. >> reporter: but bp says that transocean and halliburton shoulder just as much blame for the failures that led to the deepwater horizon oil rig explosion killing 11 people, and triggering the worst oil spill in u.s. history. bp's report is a multimedia presentation, and 193 pages long, and including a 30-minute video offering a detailed account of what the company says happened to the doomed rig. >> mud overflowed on to the rig flor. one minute later, the mud shot up through the derrick. >> reporter: the report says that the gas set off alarms in the rig. >> there was a roaring noise and it vibrated the floor of the rig. >> reporter: bp argues that
6:33 pm
transocean and halliburton contributed to the significant mechanical and engineering failures that led to the explosion. >> halliburton did not conduct lab tests that could have identified potential problems with the cement. >> reporter: they added that the report is full of omissions and inaccuracies says bp. they say that the synthesizers have a cap that is put in place, and bp was urged to use 26 synthesizers, but only six were used. a halliburton official says that bp was warned about this in e-mails before the explosion. >> this well is considered to have a severe well problem and this flow falls into category three. >> any emphasis on the word seve severe? >> capitalized. the whole world is capitalized. >> reporter: if the blowout preventer had been identified,
6:34 pm
lives could have been saved. but they say that it was not maintained by transocean, and they say that bp's report is self-serving and designed to conceal their own fatal flaws. the blame game is not surprising says bp's critics. >> it is pointing out what we know about bp, they are terrific at finger pointing and trying to shift the blame and make certain they are not taking the responsibility for the situation that they created. >> reporter: now, wolf, a number of report, independent reports done on this investigation, and those are expected out in the coming months. admiral thad allen, the government's top man in charge of the isle spill recovery was asked about the report today and he simply said that this report is not the quote end all be all of the reports. wolf? >> thank you, ed lavandara. living in what appears to be slavery in the united states.
6:35 pm
a victim of a human trafficking ri ring tells the story. you are here in "the situation room." [ manager ] you know... i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better for xerox to control its printing costs. so they can focus on winning on and off the field. [ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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a los angeles company is accused of running one of the largest human trafficking ring in history making those survivors desperate for a life in this country. though they are free, they still live in free. one person was willing to tell their story to thelma gutierrez. >> we are in los angeles to drive to a undisclosed place to meet a worker from a place called global horizons. the owner was recently indicted for forcing hundreds of thai men to work. we came here to find out what is it like to be a modern day slave. his name is lee, and he fears retaliation from his family back home. he told us his story through a
6:39 pm
human rights activist in los angeles. how did this job come about for you. >> translator: back in 200 4 thai recruiters came to thailand with promises of american jobs. >> translator: at that point he was desperate. >> reporter: he supported a family of less than $6 a day. and he said that the recruiters told him $9 an hour as a farm laborer, and over $56,000 for three years as part of the guest program. in exchange, lee would have to pay the recruiter $15,000 plus interest, but still, he finished he would be better off. so, he said good-bye to his family and he and about 50 other workers were flown to washington state by global horizons and according to the federal indictment, the company confiscated some of the worker's passports and confined them to the passports. lee says his passport was taken
6:40 pm
when they were sent to hawaii to the island of maui. >> he was taken to the fellow workers to an abandoned bar rick and he was in a state of shock when he saw cobwebs everywhere and filthy and dirty and deplorable. >> reporter: far away from the grand hotels and the sandy beaches that tourists know, lee and others were confined to an isolated pineapple farm. mart martyrl says that some men were living in freight containers with no running water or toilets. >> there was no door to close themselves off and rats running through the living quarters. workers have told us that they'd be starving and went with very little food and they had to go to scrounger around to eat off of leaves and plants to eat. >> reporter: they were told that they were under 24-hour surveillance, and one guard threatened anyone who tried to
6:41 pm
escape. then the issue of payment. we look at several months' check stubs and every time it says zero, zero. lee says he was paid $14,000 in total about $1,000 a month and despite working overtime, it was far less than what he was promised. unable to pay the recruiter fee, he lost his house in thailand, and a spokeswoman for global horizon said that the fees were charged by others and not mordchai. those were made in exchange for special visas to remain in the united states beyond the three-year stay. she says that they were only trying to help the thai workers. >> modern day slavery is alive and well here in america. >> reporter: you are saying that the laws here make it possible? >> yes, this is the changing
6:42 pm
face of trafficking and slavery in america. unfortunately, we are beginning to see more and more slavery through contract labor like the guest workers program. >> reporter: lee says he was never treated like a guest in this country not until he finally escaped his employer's grip. thelma gutierrez, cnn, los angeles. >> lee told cnn he and a co-worker escaped when the guards were not watching. he ran through sugar cane fields listening for car noise the guide to the road where a good samaritan helped him to get to los angeles. much more news coming up after this. larissa can tell you how you can get discounts of up to 40%. but so can your neighbors. they can also tell you how state farm's new pocket agent iphone app can help you manage your account, find the nearest gas station, or even -- even help you call a tow truck. and those are just a few of the perks experienced by the 40 million drivers insured by state farm. so, talk to your neighbors. then call a state farm agent, like me. ♪
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that's a nice picture. thank you.
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6:45 pm
let's get right back to jack for the cafferty file. jack? >> question this hour, what is the right age to retire and a bunch of strikes in france yesterday because they want to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. lauren writes retire whenever you can and when it feels right. i want to work as long as i can, because being active and mental stimulation is essential to your personal well-being. i'd love to work until i'm 100. and dave says, the right age to retire is when you can afford it, and when you want to. unfortunately, a lot of us have no choice. those who are lucky enough not to have been forced out of the workplace for the crime of getting old may not be able to retire at all.
6:46 pm
and then this one, there is no such thing as retiring anymore and no luxury in staying home and staring at the four walls. how boring is that? i didn't retire at 65 or 68 or 70. i am still working and i enjoy what i do. bruce in california. hi, jack, from a retired old man who waited too long. have the sense to retire when one is a whole person physically and plen tally, but keep in mind that you will need more money than you think, so xw well prepared. kevin in california writes that according to the republicans that would be never. frank in pennsylvania, i'm 70 years old and i will let you know when the ideal age to retire comes. i'm on the job now, so i can't talk long. have a great day. and kay says, when your income is adequate to make you happy. that is good planning and some luck. i made it out at 58. and gaylon says, how old are you, jack? we can start there. if you want to read more on the subject go to
6:47 pm >> thank you, jack. see you back here in "the situation room" as always. appreciate it. >> forever. >> correct. no retirement, ever. bye. why is the republican minority leader john boehner glowing? it is a hint of not some new sunny poll numbers. jeanne moos will explain. d brinh to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online.
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there's a youtube video that's gone viral showing a lion attacking one of its trainers. as horrified tourists look on. cnn's brian todd went to the national zoo here in washington, d.c. to talk to experts about how this might have happened. brian. >> reporter: wolf, we're going to show you a classic predator. a 5-year-old fully mature male lion from south africa sitting here in his yard at the national zoo. we're looking at these animal's behavior not only under normal
6:51 pm
circumstances but also what happens when they get irritated. this is tape of a recent incident. a 400-pound lion turns on his trainer. the beast has the man in his grip as another trainer bravely tries to intercede. the trainer struggles free, sprints away and escapes with just a few stitches. but the male lion remains visibly agitated. this video, posted on youtube by an eyewitness last week at the mgm last week in las vegas. we got insight into the dangerous dynamic between predator cats in captivity and the people who interact with them up close. officials here at the national zoo in washington say they cannot comment directly on the incident at the mgm resort. they have a policy against commenting on incidents at other facili facilities. we are here to talk about what to do in these situations with don mooshgs head of the animal care sciences at the zoo. a 400-pound lion named luke right back here same size as the one involved in the mgm
6:52 pm
incident. when you're in there, in that yard with the lion, as a trainer or a handler and the lion either attacks or wants to play too rough, what's the first thing you're trained to do? >> the first thing we do is we don't go in with large dangerous animals. we always have a protective barrier between lions, tigers, bears and our keepers. >> reporter: is that a mobile barrier? do they carry it? >> no, it's a solid wall that has spaces in it so we can interact with the animals in a safe way. >> reporter: the department of agriculture, which is investigating the las vegas incident, tells us this lion act is a license ed exhibitor and i appears the trainers handled the situation. what triggers that kind of behavior in a lion? are they territorial, anything encroaching in there, does that spur that behavior? >> there's a hard-wired predator/prey response. people with cats at home may have seen their cattle in the living room chasing a dust ball. if you get down on all fours or
6:53 pm
if you're lower than a lion or a bear, they may just snap. >> reporter: interlopers beware. last fall, a deer jumped into this lion's guard in washington. a video posted on youtube. in that incident, the deer jumped in the water of the moat down here. the lions didn't go after it. would you advise people, if they're near water, to jump in the water? >> we were surprised they didn't go in the water because they were very obviously motivated to hunt that deer that got in with them. >> reporter: for that female prowling around down there, naba, the circumstance is not normal. she is pregnant. a fellow female inside just gave birth to four cubs. don says when female lions are in that state, much more irritable, much more prone to attack. >> brian todd, thanks very much. coming up at the top of the hour, "john king usa." he has an interview with the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. ♪ band: every day you check the weather check the time check the news online ♪
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in india, an artist spray paints an idol of a god to prepare for a hindu festival. in australia, the cast of a theater company performs shakespeare. in los angeles, mothers get their heads shaved to raise money for childhood cancer research. in romania, people ride the swings at a festival celebrating that country's gypsy population. "hot shots," pictures worth a thousand words. he could be the next speaker
6:57 pm
of the house of representatives. if republicans win big in november. but now the house minority leader john boehner's getting a lot of attention for what some say is a year-round tan. cnn's jeanne moos has a most unusual report. >> reporter: if the republicans take back the house, speaker nancy pelosi would have to hand the gavel back to john boehner. but when john boehner says -- >> look -- >> reporter: often what we're looking at is his signature tan. >> there are some bright spots. >> reporter: boehner is one of them. bright orange. not since george hamilton has a guy been so flayed over his skin tone. left-wing critic keith olbermann refers to him as -- >> john of orange. >> reporter: while jon of stewart jokes. >> he's not human but actually made entirely of cured meats. >> reporter: even conservatives poke fun. >> using his special boehner powers to blend into the fake bookcases. >> reporter: boehner's tan even made it into a poll.
6:58 pm
public policy polling asked folks in his home state of ohio, do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of john boehner's tan? 64% said not sure. but as abc's george stephanopoulos pointed out -- >> 27% don't like it. is this something you have to overcome? >> they probably weren't there yesterday when i was out cutting my grass or when i was out riding my mountain bike, all right? >> so no worries there? >> thanks, george. >> okay. >> reporter: it's not the first time boehner has defended his tan. >> i walked 18 holes yesterday. last weekend, i was in ohio, cutting my grass. >> reporter: not on a tanning bed. though a manhattan dermatologist told cnn, i think he's a combo. some real tan helped by self-tanner, either cream or spray. even the president has joked about boehner's tan. >> he is a person of color. although not a color that
6:59 pm
appears in the natural world. >> reporter: a writer for "vanity fair" later disputed the president's joke, saying there are all kinds of things in the natural world that are close to john boehner's skin tone. from oranges to salmon, from cheez-its to mulch to pumpkins. that same "vanity fair" writer tried to duplicate boehner's skin tone on herself, attempting to use various tanning products on her midsection. for those of us who are pasty pale-face, maybe we're just green with envy over boehner's orange. >> i'd rather be heckled than ignored. >> reporter: at least you can't see him blush. >> hell no you can't! >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> remember, you can always follow what's going on behind the scenes here in "the situation room." i'm on twitter. you can get my tweets at
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